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        The orthoester bond is an orthogonal means of linking saccharides in a highly active family of natural products call the orthosomycins. In collaboration with the Iverson group, we provide structural and biochemical evidence in support of a new class of enzymes, orthoester synthases, that we propose oxidize glycosidic linkages to orthoesters.

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        This work describes the first ever application of the retroevolution hypothesis to the generation of a biosynthetic pathway. This article was in the 98 percentile (ranked 1,296th) of the 88,792 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals, in the 93 percentile (ranked 3rd) of the 47 tracked articles of a similar age in Nature Chemical Biology in 2014.

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        This work describes the discovery of a new class of biochemical reaction: a retro-oxime aldolase enzyme!

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