Welcome the the Laboratory for Biosynthetic Studies

The research program comprising the LBS concerns itself with problems in secondary metabolism, both natural and anthropogenic. Research in the laboratory is thematically divided into three subgroups:

Deconstructive Biosynthesis. We peer into the precise choreographies of how life assembles secondary metabolites, from the perspective of their genetic blueprints, to the enzymes the blueprints encode and their biochemical mechanisms, to the concerted action of scores of biosynthetic enzymes to manufacture secondary metabolites in vivo.

Constructive Biosynthesis. Applying the knowledge base generated from studying the genetic and molecular basis of biosynthesis, we are engineering microorganisms to synthesize compounds of value to humanity. Current efforts include engineering microorganisms to manufacture “non-natural” products such as antivirals, antibiotics and anticancer compounds.

Biosynthesis for Discovery. We are developing methods to accelerate bioeffector discovery based on genomic prescience of biosynthetic potential and are exploring unplumbed extreme environments, specifically caves, for unique biodiversity capable of producing new natural products for treating human illness.

For a more detailed description of these projects, click on the Projects and/or Publication icon in the top menu.

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